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Unit test web api controller

Unit test web api controller


In this article we learned how to write unit tests for Web API controller and primarily on basic CRUD operations. The purpose was to get a basic idea on how ...

You need to choose MVC and also be sure you have checked on Add Unit tests and click OK.

Figure 1: Creating a new Unit Test project in Visual Studio 2017

Add Web API2 Entity framework

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Add the package Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost to Chinook.IntegrationTest project. This package contains the resources to perform the integration testing.

Figure 3: Integration Test Using Directives

... a name as you wish and click on OK, then the following windows will appear; select empty template and check on Web API as in the following image.

Unit test a method that returns JsonResult in WebApi

Action Result in Web API

Figure 5: The second integration test for a single Album

You should now have an execution path for keeping your API well tested and maintained through the development, quality assurance, and deployment phases for ...

So lets say I have a controller called PreferencesController that has save/post and load/get methods to save or load user's preferences.

We'll add simple controller named “Orders” controller with 2 simple HTTP methods, as well we'll add the same model “Order” we already added in the client ...

... contiene delle operazioni CRUD dimostrative per gestire un semplice elenco di valori in formato stringa. La nostra prima modifica a questo Controller ...

so that's pretty standard stuff. Inside the save method we call the toolkitCalendarService to save user's preferences. We pass the preferences object and we ...


->Right click on controllers-> add controller. Now, add Scaffold and Create as API Controller. If you've done it properlyl, ...

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Step 4 − To keep things simple, select the Empty option and check the Web API checkbox in the 'Add folders and core references for' section and click Ok.

MVC Architecture

Code snippet highlighted in the red box is what makes it all happen. Here we create ControllerContext object and pass HttpConfiguration, RouteDate and ...

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In the code above I have created mock dependencies of all the objects that my controller expects. Usually its not that complicated.

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... behind code and controllers have become simple classes you can unit test controllers very easily.But for now we will keep this option unselected as our ...

When you are building an API, and doing all the right unit tests and ad-hoc tests and etc, the next type of test in the test pyramid is Integration Test of ...

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Unit testing ...

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Select Web API

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Select template

... 47.

... instantly by way of failing tests. This is awesome because it means bugs can't sneak further into our app development. The earlier a bug is identified ...

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NET MVC 4 Web API template project is created. As its an MVC application template, so you will easily find “Model”, “View” and “Controller” folders inside ...

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Web API project

This package will install templates for Vue.

Open visual studio 2017 => create a new Web API project => Name the project, in my case, I named it as Token_Auth_Web_API, set the Authentication to ...


Creating your first unit test

Unit Testing in .Net Core

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A couple of days ago a colleague pinged me wanting to talk about unit testing an ASP.NET Web API project. In particular he was having a hard time testing ...


Step 6 − You can see that two projects are there in the solution explorer. One is the ASP.NET Web project and the other is the unit testing project.

Select "Web API" and click on the "OK" button.

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... select Web API and click Ok; 2.



Unit Testing a MVC Controller (#5)


NET Web Application. Finally, give the project name and click OK. Now, select Web API from template Window and click OK.

And let's name this controller “MoneyBanksController”. The template that will be created will be similar to this one:

and then select Web API with ASP.

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So far so good, we've achieved writing a unit test to validate a response from a public web api as well as ensured that the test we wrote covered 100% of ...

... select Web API from “Add folders and core references for”, MVC will be select by default, click OK to wait for some time, your project will be loaded.

In the New ASP.NET Project dialog, choose MVC from the 4.6 template selection.

Inside the project template select Web API and in the view engine select Razor.

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We now have a web server that is running our API and a client that understand how to call the APIs in the TestServer. We can now write the code for the ...

... Microservice Stubbed; 12. @michikuehne Unit Tests Controller ...

... wanted to create a simple Single Page Application (SPA) without MVC so I selected the Empty ASP.NET Project template and only checked the option WebAPI.

Once we have the Web API project template ready, we can see that the solution structure for the web api project is pretty similar to the structure of a MVC ...

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Visual Studio Visual Studio encourages unit testing and TDD Project Templates Test Explorer Navigation Refactorings; 7.

Step 2: Add a new WebAPI controller in Controller folder. Right click Controller folder and add a new controller.

Angular 4 CRUD application using ASP.NET Web API

Create a simple MVC application


select web api from visual studio


Feature Tests vs. Integration Tests vs. Unit Tests

Note: The list of the templates under the Web projects category is the new feature at VS 2013 which each web developer needs to know.

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