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Ts4231 vive

Ts4231 vive


New SteamVR Base Stations Will Support 33 X 33 Foot Room Tracking With 4 Base Stations

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SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Will Support 33×33 Foot Playspaces With 4 Base Stations

SteamVR Tracking 2.0

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... used for the TS4231 chiclets (as well as avoiding the chiclets themselves). There are 4 of these FFCs for the Vive headset, and two for the controller:

Как работает и как изменится трекинг в Vive - Новости ВР

Triads second generation of the sensor amplifier TS4231 are. So we ordered those and we had the pcbs manufactured.

Tracked Object

SteamVR Tracking 2 Coming To Developers This Fall, Brings Larger Tracking Volumes, Vive Not Supported

VR htc vive tracking 2.0


SteamVR now supports more (and less expensive) base stations | VentureBeat

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A pair of $150 bundles ship a Tracker alongside either a colorful gun or a pair of sports handles to simulate the feel of a ping pong paddle and tennis ...

The Vive Pro features two PCBs: one for sensor processing and one for audio visual processing. Both have components optimized for low power and VR ...

Vive 2.0 Lighthouse Reverse Engineering Pt 1.

Vive Trackers Now Available For Pre-Order

We ordered the pcbs in china and assembled them in makerspace. The result is a 16x12mm sensor. We moved from de0-nano to de10-nano-soc.

Logitech made a VR keyboard kit so you can type in the Vive


Our vive tracking consists of a couple of modules:

Image ...

... Vive Pro branding. https://i.imgur.com/g2c5tB6.jpg ...

HTC Vive Tracker Review

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Vive 2.0 Lighthouse Reverse Engineering Pt 2

Jeremy Chapman and Steve Bowler, developers behind Chicago-based studio CloudGate and their dinosaur hunting game Island 359, have been working for months ...

HTC Vive Tracker Review

Welcome to Reddit,

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Furthermore, the LED sync array has been removed; the lighthouses and devices now sync on the actual laser sweep instead of a dedicated sync flash.

Latest HTC Vives Are Shipping with Tweaked Base Stations, Redesigned Packaging

The original 15-LED consumer Vive Base Station | Photo courtesy iFixit (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)


Vive triad sensor VR

We ordered the pcbs in china and assembled them in makerspace. The result is a 16x12mm sensor. We moved from de0-nano to de10-nano-soc.

The Vive Pro seems to come equipped with some new spectacles.

Also, each Vive has ~45 of these chips, so break-even point in worst case scenario ($3 million bootup) is 8k Vives. The chips could have been merged into 3 ...

Valve анонсировала SteamVR Tracking 2 и новые трекеры, не совместимые со старыми шлемами

Using the seams between the tiles and a laser distance measurer, we tried to place the board as precise as possible wrt the lighthouses.

1440x1600 per eye resolution ...

As represented in the picture below, we moved the CNC on 7 locations to have a reasonable overview:

First FPGA-Based lighthouse deck prototype


kinect v1 htc vive vr

Here's What Could Be in HTC's 'Vive 1.5'

The Vive Pro appears to be on track to be the first product to launch with SteamVR 2.0 Tracking.

Oldest ...


Step 10

lighthouse coordinate frame

Image courtesy Beat Games

Vive Pro mit SteamVR Tracking 2.0

The connection to the MKR is via SPI, where the MKR acts as the Master. An additional pin to the MKR notifies the MKR, when there is new data available.

Step 1 HTC Vive Pro Teardown

After the calibration the relative pose estimator also finally started to produce reasonable results

After the calibration the relative pose estimator also finally started to produce reasonable results

Step 1 HTC Vive Pro Teardown

New Technology walkers AR VR consultancy

Step 9



... Where the original Vive kept nearly all its onboard silicon clustered onto a single board,

Valve has released official details of its SteamVR Tracking 2.0 technology, and it's bad news for owners of HTC Vive virtual reality headsets: The new ...

Behind the improvements in the new sensors is a different movement detection system. The older 'lighthouses' relied upon many more moving parts from a ...

... These lenses have the same concentric rings as the standard Vive, and are likely the ...

Once the outline is set, the SteamVR room setup will best fit a rectangular play space within the outlined area. The dimensions of this rectangle are what ...

The original Vive impressed us with its ease of disassembly, and we have big hopes ...

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... Though the Pro looks a lot like the original Vive, we're noticing some ...


'Beat Saber' Wins Sony's Best PSVR Experience of 2018

HTC Vive Pro dismantling: The price of 6,488 yuan, expensive "justified"_China IT News

Revive is the compatibility layer created by CrossVR to enable the Vive (and by extension SteamVR devices) to work with Oculus games.

Fortunately, there's no Where the original Vive got by with a single mic, the Pro's twin mics offer

Nvidia lauches FCAT VR benchmarking tool

Valve's SteamVR Tracking technology now has 300 licensees

The current Vive model, released in 2016, has a pair of 1,080 × 1,200 displays made by Samsung. Samsung released their own PC VR headset, the Odyssey, ...