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How to refresh fragment in viewpager android programmatically

How to refresh fragment in viewpager android programmatically


Refresh Current Fragment within ViewPager | Android Tutorial and Example

Created By Mehul Rughani | Last Updated on : 07 May 2018

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The senario of it in Imagenary :


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Read the ViewPager and FragmentPagerAdapter for additional details such as how to access and modify the current selected tab.

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This feature comes with Android design support library. Android Sliding Tab Layout shows a custom view pager, tab strip which provides us a continuity in ...

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enter image description here

first image

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Getting this to work with the default ViewPager class is a bit tricky. We have basically to change 3 things:

Here, we see it using ListView in Android Fragment.

I've put together a quick tutorial that gets a ViewPager up and running (with the Support Library), in just a few steps. This tutorial follows more of a ...

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Alex Zhukovich

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How many more types juicy tabs can we have? As many as we want! It's time to take our tabs to the next level and make the views swipeable.

See demo video

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Data Binding Library gains more and more popularity in production of Android applications as it amplifies the advantages of the MVVM architecture.

How to set onclick listener for a button in a fragment in android

android music player androidmusicplayer2

To be able to edit the layout in the Android Studio's designer, you must also modify 'styles.xml' that can be located at 'res/values' folder of the app's ...

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App not installed;The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name: Android

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