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Glide 4 diskcachestrategy

Glide 4 diskcachestrategy


how to add GlideApp to your project

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Loading Image into ImageView with Glide

Glide v3.8.0

Android Glide Image Library – Building Image Gallery App

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So I tried using glide which loads the images in almost twice the speed but on some images it's not keeping the structure like Picasso does. For example ...

Glide v4.0.0-RC1 diskcachestrategy error. · Issue #2062 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

4 Answers

Is this something I'm doing with my gridview, the glide library, or is it something else like my placeholder image? on the second screenshot If I press on ...

Find and load cached Image in Glide · Issue #509 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

Hi I'm populating a gridview with glide image loader library when they first get called into my fragment they look like this perfect

Introduction to Glide, Image Loader Library for Android, recommended by Google :: The Cheese Factory

If you see closer on the picture above, you will see the hard pixels described above is also there. In addition, if image is loaded in RGB565 mode, ...

GIFs animate slowly with Glide 4.2 · Issue #2471 · bumptech/glide · GitHub


Create an Image Gallery App with Android Studio 1.4 and Glide

Android Studio new project screenshot

Glide 4.2.0 Failed to find any ModelLoaders for model BitmapDrawable · Issue #2461 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

error glide

Cardview and Glide - no rounded corners, no shadows

Emulator running the application screenshots

Final product image



Display cached image while requesting new image · Issue #1257 · bumptech/ glide · GitHub

Can't get DiskCacheStrategy.SOURCE to work · Issue #1516 · bumptech/glide · GitHub


ResourceDecoder when upgrading from Glide 3 to Glide 4 · Issue #3501 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

Loading image as Gif into CircularImageView loads still image · Issue #1019 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

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... 17.

... Glide has some hard pixels and is not as smooth as the Picasso one and it is difficult to find the straight way to change image resizing algorithm.

通过查看源码我们发现,Glide默认缓存策略是: DiskCacheStrategy.RESULT

7.3 四种缓存模式对比

How to forbid the Glide download the pictures when I have wifi? · Issue #629 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

KOTLIN AFTER 9 MONTHS André Luiz Cardoso Thiago “Fred" Porciúncula ...

好了MVP +rajava +retrofit +glide +recylerview完成,核心就是介面回撥降低磨合度 ,

16 16 ...


Prevent download image again and again · Issue #1794 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

Images don't load in fragment or nested fragment if placeholder function is used. · Issue #1702 · bumptech/glide · GitHub

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Understanding Computers Ch.4

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Example Apps that use such screen:

//url即图片的下载地址,targetImageView即图片最终要展示的地方。 Glide .with(this).load(imageUrl).into(targetImageView);

use a trick ...

Java String name = "kunny"; String address = null; ...

第一个为每个像素采用4 byte表示,后面一个则用2 byte表示。 ARG8888 有更高的图片质量,并且能够存储一个alpha通道。Glide默认使用低质量的 RGB565 。

Android图片加载框架最全解析(八),带你全面了解Glide 4的用法- 郭霖的专栏- CSDN博客

(안드로이드 개발자를 위한) 오픈소스 라이브러리 사용 가이드

... see a contact profile where when we click on user's profile it should show in fullscreen mode with zoom enabled. We will directly implement the code for ...

add a way for DiskCache.get(Key key) to have more informations on the related media · Issue #221 · bumptech/glide · GitHub


Kotlin in Action A concise way to code Android Projects in a smarter way © 2016 ...

枚举类 Priority 提供了几种优先级等级 ,

Add Facebook Login to Your Android App

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You can read more on my website here.


android navigation drawer slider menu


在Glide源码中有一个DiskCache接口,里面的Factory类定义了默认的磁盘缓存大小为:250 M , 缓存路径在:image_manager_disk_cache 目录下

Showing only Logged-in Accounts in the Sharing Page of Phimpme Android

Google Sign-In for Android App

默认的是: NORMAL

Android Make Shared Transition Faster And Better

new SpacePhoto( ...

We will use a library for this case. This video player looks more similar to MX Player -> a popular video player app for android.



39 ...


How to Read and Write JSON data in Kotlin with GSON



6.9 Glide.with() 生命周期控制

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Finally, for the Layouts we have the activity_splash.xml, this is the Splash screen ?

... 使用diskCacheStrategy() 方法来改变它,前面提到它是一种比较复杂的策略,所以无法简单的使用一个Boolean 值就完成了。它需要传递一个DiskCacheStrategy 的枚举 ...

... 4. ...

Hello Guys, we already knew that Google announced Kotlin is a new first class language for Android Development. So, we started the Kotlin series for ...


Add Navigation Drawer Sliding Menu in Android

可以看到,这里在第11行调用了fetcher.getId()方法获得了一个id字符串,这个字符串也就是我们要加载的图片的唯一标识,比如说如果是一张网络上的图片的话,那么这个id ...

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