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Everquest forage

Everquest forage



EverQuest : Tradeskills : Fishing and foraging in Surefall Glade

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When your botting program takes a vacation -Everquest

Unexpectidly ...

EverQuest : Tradeskills : The best place to forage a Branch of Sylvan Oak.

EverQuestVerified account

EverQuest (Project 1999) - Ocean of Tears ...lives up to it's name

Running The Overthere to Kurns Tower via Warsliks Woods - Project 1999 Everquest

Last night was a good night on EQ! #Eq #everquest #druid #

Last night was a good night on EQ! #Eq #everquest #druid #


Everquest Project 1999 Corvellus the Druid Episode 21

EverQuest - Returning after 5 Years to destroy Emperor Crush


ItsAlwaysSunnyinPoE - Everquest - Coirnav Server - Iksar - Shaman - Karnor's Castle Group! - Twitch

Everquest old school : Part 31- The Pit - Field of Bones - Iksar Monk - YouTube

Remember to tell the Deputy "Nice Hat". #Everquest #EQ #Nostalgia

Project 1999 Classic Everquest - No Drop Monk

... картинка скриншот из игры EverQuest 3 ...

EverQuest Raid: Plane of Time - Cazic-Thule (04/17/2017)

Project 1999 Everquest- Level 12 Druid-Sleepyoak Video Test

Losing Control.

Everquest old school : Part 40 - Entrance Group - Kurns Tower - Iksar Monk

Everquest old school : Part 27 - Entrance Group - Kurns Tower - Iksar Monk

Katta Castellum

[IMG] ”

... it was the best way to earn money fast in early EQ - I still remember HG loot being nerfed from 50ish plat down to 30-35plat and the uproar it caused


Soothing Wounds



January 2017 Updates

A cool GM Event. I missed the hunting party for a creature in the woods

Everquest - Butcherblock Mountains port (Catching boat to Kunark) ...

Everquest Ruins of Kunark expansion cover


The Courtyard Welcome to Vex Thal ...

Twilight Sea Elemental Island ...


... brains than talking to apprentices. I began to think of the great discoveries that could be discovered but now was not the time for chit-chat plus I ...

EverQuest 1: Now Free to Play, with official goon server & guild - The Something Awful Forums

... Guarding the Palace Entrance


Art by Keith Parkinson



everquest screenshots ?

Inside Jern's Rest Shadow Island ...

A Hilly Terrain Coterie Campsite Some Luclin Natives ...

This enclosed garden houses the monk's guild. Here you can find merchants selling monk supplies and iksar history books.


Health bars decreasing across the board ...

Comments ...

And don't forget about some old time models too.

Buffing for Gorenaire Pulling Gorenaire

Death and low health, but the dragon's getting the hurt too... I think, I don't know, busy taking pictures ...

Comments ...

Comments ...

Still die as much, thats not changed - but at least its not to a ae dispell from phinigel taking away water breathingpic.twitter.com/GMh2spmacg

Two of the same items can be merged together to increase the Luck stat. The result will be the greater of the two Luck stats + 1.

I ...

Innoruuk's corpse

Everquest cover image

Pilsner posted:

... Druid AC rulz (and Nit dead) ...

This is the geared corpse HB was trying to CR above. I keep makin him dance in my ring of fire.

EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark

Ranger Epic Quest


Other Everquest Stuff.

Grouping for Tier 3 Armor

Qindaar has been away for the Summer, but here is what is New at EQ

Velious Testing Super List: Quests, Crafting, Misisng Items [Archive] - Project 1999

Suggested fix for re-enabling staring at spellbook sub-35 [Archive] - Project 1999

Rolandal ...

The Darkened Sea - Thuliasaur Island - A Meal of Greens


Edit: My SK in-game has track skill and I can activate it just fine. But, nothing shows up on track. No matter how much skill in tracking I have.


Fact: Everquest isn't hard. So if you think you're good at it... [Archive] - Project 1999

EverQuest Fun

EverQuest 1: Now Free to Play, with official goon server & guild - The Something Awful Forums

EverQuest 1: Now Free to Play, with official goon server & guild - The Something Awful Forums

48825912 EverQuest the Ruins of Kunark Revised Expanded Prima Official eGuide | Magician (Fantasy) | Video Games

In my last post I had completed the 1.5 epic quest for my necro in EverQuest while sitting at level 85, which was really cool to do.