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Change finder sidebar icons sierra

Change finder sidebar icons sierra



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A Finder window with sidebar.

better third-party tools

Change what's in the sidebar: Choose Finder > Preferences, click Sidebar, then select or deselect items.

Mac OS X system icons

macOS Sierra Finder sidebar move icons MAc screenshot 001

You can set the sidebar's text size to small (A), medium (B), or large (C).

Always-on sidebar

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Small font size is default in Mac OS X Finder

(You can select Icon view directly from the toolbar using the Icon view button outlined in red.)

Among XtraFinder's many talents is the ability to change sidebar icons.

Mac system icon defaults in OS X

Alternatively, click on Tags... in the same dropdown menu, type in a custom name for a tag, press Enter, and a new tag will be created automatically, ...

One of the major areas of improvement in macOS High Sierra is to the Photos app, which is only a couple of years old and has plenty of room to grow.

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Another useful trick is to hold down the Option (⌥) key when adjusting the column width manually (by click-dragging the divider).

icons missing from finder ...


(You can use the option to color the background to make one or more folders more easily identifiable.)

... from the Finder menu bar, then click Sidebar at the top of the preferences window. You can also drag files into or out of the sidebar.

Here we have some advice for Mac users in case you don't how to manage your Finder sidebar. There are plenty ways of customizing your Finder sidebar.

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(If you're being logged out from time to time, it may be because the Log out option, shown above, has been set during the installation of macOS High Sierra.

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For example, if you simply don't like the sidebar, then you can hide it. Just grab the pane between the sidebar and the finder window and ...

... sierra folders on top

Customize Toolbar pulls up a window overlay that will enable you to change up how your toolbar looks and what it does. You can rearrange the placement of ...


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Finder Icon

Image titled Adjust the Size of the Mail Sidebar Icons in Mac OS X Lion Step

Removing a bookmark from the Finder Sidebar.

OS X: Cleaning Up Your Finder's Sidebar

Just click here to show or hide the sidebar in these dialog boxes.


Change the text size of Finder items with VIew Options

Why are they hidden on your Mac?

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If that didn't work, or you skipped ahead, this method probably will. It's perhaps the quickest and perhaps most effective way of fixing this issue.

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Screenshot 1 for Folder Color



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